Get ready for a TON OF CLARITY!

Learn what branding is, why you want it, and how to get it, PLUS envision your own brand with guided meditation!

Yep, it's a BRAND VISION WORKSHOP coming to a Zoom screen near you!

This is perfect for you if:
- you're in the planning stages of your new business
- you've been in business for a while but never understood how branding could help you grow
- you’re a healer or coach who wants to help everyone but can’t figure out how to talk about what you do exactly

This 90 minute online class will give you
- a friendly introduction to branding
- giant insight into your brand via guided meditation so you'll leave more inspired about your business, and with a checklist of next steps to take.

"Your workshop was such a breakthrough for me... I left with a new mindset, stoked to the max...If you have a chance to do the Brand Vision workshop with Shev, whip out your credit card and cancel all other plans, and thank me later."
(Suzanne Dekel)

$30 USD / 100 NIS

August 10th 2020

The short version:
I am addicted to books. I take my coffee with cream. I love fabric and thread, paper and pencils, and the sound of the sea.

The longer version:
Branding is another word for truth-telling. I am passionate about connecting to one's inner light and truth. I believe that clarity and action will change the world.

I am a wordsmith and a published writer. I was a doula for more than a decade, and volunteered as a lay chaplain, providing emotional support to families facing serious illness.

I am British, married to an American, living in Israel with our teens. They keep things noisy and funny and have helped me hone my skills in witty repartee and professional eye rolling.

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